CARR Ecosystem

Our fleet of tech solutions will bring digital innovation to the automotive industry through the power of blockchain technology. CarrChain, CarrDefi, and the Carnomaly marketplace will change the way we buy, sell, shop, report, and finance new or used vehicles.


Research, compare, and find the best deal. Carnomaly will be the first digital vehicle marketplace powered by blockchain technology, revolutionizing how dealers and consumers buy, sell, and own vehicles.


Earn vehicle reputation points to increase the value of your car. CarrChain will give vehicle owners the ability to interact with their vehicle’s history report, while earning points towards their vehicle’s unique reputation score.


Securely connect with borrowers or lenders through blockchain payment history. CarrDefi will give borrowers the flexibility to choose anonymous or credit-based conventional and residual-based loans, all reported to the CarrDefi payment blockchain.